This page is created to show support for our fellow paranormal brothers and sisters . Paranormal Research and investigating is coming together as a family all sharing the same interest and goals. Please feel free to visit their websites as well. Thank you. 

 The Living Dead Paranormal

A great team of guys out of Greenville, Ohio. They are a highly respected team in the field of paranormal.

Visit their facebook page, give them a "like" and follow them on their investigations through their video's.








       The Society Of Unknown Phenomenon

A great paranormal team out of central Indiana. SOUP promises to bring the utmost of professionalism and sensitivity to all of their paranormal cases.

Visit their Blog Spot :







 Hoosier Paranormal. A great group of investigators out of Columbus, Indiana. Very professional and well respected. Link to Hoosier Paranormal:




 Hunters of the Unknown. A great team out of southwest Chicago, Il. Investigates hauntings, cryptids, U.F.O. reports and much more. Link to Hunters of the Unknown:    

Images by teams posted                                                                     Copyright 2009 Chris McDaniel 

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