Class of hauntings: Intelligent hauntings, Residual hauntings, Poltergeist hauntings and Demonic hauntings.

Category of spirits: Benign spirits (friendly in nature), Troubled spirits (does not want to be bothered), Malicious spirits (will cause harm if crossed) Demonic spirits (non-human, out to destroy and cause harm) Angelic spirits (non-human, helpful and protecting) Highly Advanced spirits (these are spirits that may have the ability to shape-shift or manipulate ones thoughts. Doppelgangers and Vardogers would fall into this catagory.) Animal spirits (creatures of the animal kingdom) Elementals (spirits of nature and of the Earth's elements) and Poltergeist (Debatable definition of this spirit and type of haunting)  

It is theorized that many spirits may have just lost their way or does not comprhend that they have died.

It is also therorised that many spirits realize that they have died but refuse to move on for whatever reason: They may feel as if they have unfinished business to attend, they may feel that there is someone or something that needs to be protected, they may fear to move on, they may feel that they won't be accepted in the after-life due to unacceptable deeds they may have commited during their life, maybe they can't move on for they dwell on a tragic event that they replay over and over trying to understand the cause and meaning or maybe they choose to remain for the joy and pleasantry they experienced during a certain time within their life.

or....maybe they just want to be. Does there really have to be a reason? 

Poltergiest: The word Poltergiest comes from German Folklore meaning "Noisy spirit". A Poltergiest is one that is easy to identify but difficult to understand. A poltergiest haunting is one that is systematically or displaying patterns of a configuration in multiples. Examples: Things being stacked, things being placed in a pattern, multipule doors being opened or closed or many things being moved about simultaneously. The source of this type of haunting or spirit is unclear to many. Some believe that poltergiest activity is not of a spirit at all. They believe the source of the haunting is caused by a troubled living person, normally a troubled child or teen. It is assosiated to the power of uncontrolable and unaware telekinesis. In many cases, fires or floods are often the final outcome. Keep in in all hauntings, the source of a Poltergiest can only be theorized.     



The age old question......what is a haunting or a ghost? The truth be known, there is no direct answer to this question. The theory is......a sprirt of a deceased person. Though this has not been proven nor may it ever be proven. Some may believe that a "ghost" may be a glimps of another dimension. A glimps of one passing through worm holes of other dimensions and times. Others may tend to believe that "ghost" or "hauntings" are echos or reflextions of the past. The very air that we breath is filled with moisture. Moister.......water, water can reflect it possible to reflect images of what once was there? Me personally, I lean toward the theory of ghost and hauntings being spirits of the deceased. I believe me and my team has caught enough evidence to support this theory.  

Though I believe I have encountered numerious spirits during my investigations, I will mention just a few on this page that are memorable and stands out from the rest.

Stepp Cemetery:

My first encounter with a ghost was one that changed my life forever. Let me say...I had not always had scruples when dealing with the paranormal. We were young and stupid teens, dabbling in things we should have stayed clear of. Our inexperience lead to a physical attack on one of our friends. Though this haunting has many simularities to what people assosiate to a demonic spirit, I believe this is just a troubled spirit who lost it's tolerance of a group of stupid kids.

The event took place in a isolated cemetery deep in the Morgan-Monroe Forestery outside of Martinsville, Indiana. The cemetery is called "Stepp Cemetery". This is by far one of the most malicious spirits I have ever encountered. There are many stories and legends to this haunting and to the cemetery. I can not confirm any of the stories except for my own experience. I have included these experiences within my book, "Falling Down The Rabbit's Hole". (Photo taken by Chris McDaniel)

 In 1985, in Stepp Cemetery, I witnessed a friend in our group get dragged across the ground by an unseen force. Years later I returned to the cemetery with my team, Creepy Legends, to conduct an investigation. We caught a grade B EVP (a whisper but audiable) of a female voice saying to an investigator, "I should drag you". 

(The EVP has been looped)

Stepp I should drag you (looped).mp3

One of the most disturbing EVP's we caught was in Stepp Cemetery. This class A EVP (said clearly) is a female voice telling an investigator, "I'll posses you."  

(The EVP has been looped)

Stepp I'll Posses you.mp3

The picture below was taken in Stepp Cemetery. In the cemetery is a stump. Legend is that a female spirit sets on the stump and rocks her dead infant. Though EVP's of a female voice has been recorded, we are unable to confirm the legend in regaurds to the tree stump. In the picture below, it is uncanny that a brownish haze was hovering near the tree stump. (Photo taken by Chris McDaniel) 

 Below is the same picture cropped for a closer view. To analyze this picture you must consider that this picture was not photoshopped, the haze is dark in color, the haze is transparent and the haze is not of any solid matterial. This picture was taken with a digital SLR Nikon 10mp camera not a point and shoot camera. I have worked for many years with photography and I can also testify that this is not dust or dirt within the lens.

 The Crump Theatre:

There are several classes of spirits, one class being "benign spirits" (a friendly disposition). I believe it has been proven that a location can hold a haunting even though no death has taken place within the location. It may be possible or theorized that spirits may be able to return to a location they enjoyed during life. The Crump Theatre in Columbus, Indiana may very well be a good example to this theory.  

 During our investigations of the Crump Theatre, we believe we caught evidence that proves the theatre to be haunted. We caught an EVP of a young girl, EVP's of a female who maybe searching for assistance or help and  EVP's of a man with an Irish accent. 

EVP: My wife Vonda was in the room known as the "cry-baby's" room. She ask, "How many ghost are in here with us?" It sounds as if a young girl replies, "Eight". (The background voices are of me and Sally talking in the Lobby.)   

crump evp Eight.mp3

 EVP: Vonda and Sally were in the basement of the theatre. Their K2 meter begins to spike to the red. At that moment, a female voice whispers, " I wish you'd help find my....." then the voice fades out. Me walking and talking in the basement drowned out the rest of the EVP. After the voice fades out, the K2 meter stops spiking. Vonda and Sally then makes a comment on how the spirit must have left. 

crump evp I wish youd help.mp3

 EVP: Vonda and Sally are in the basement of the theatre. The female voice whispers, "Secret in the theatre...." It sounds as if the voice finishes the sentence with possibly,  " our town". Then Sally makes a comment about it being the last act.

crump evp Secret in the theatre.mp3

 EVP: Me and Vonda was by ourselves in the upper part of the balcony of the theatre. As we were walking across the balcony, we caught a mans voice with an Irish accent. The voice says, "Aye...dust this floor." Shortly after the EVP, Vonda ask me about a K2 meter.

crump evp Aye Dust this floor.mp3

EVP: Two of our investigators, David and Sally, were on the stage setting up a light. David comments, "I moved it so lets back off." right after David's comment there is an EVP of the man with the Irish accent replying to David, "'s off, I'll go in the box." (This is one of the most clearest class A EVP's I have ever heard.)  

Crump Aye its off I'll go in the box.mp3

After discovering the EVP's of the man with the Irish accent, I contacted the manager of the theatre, Rovene Quigley. I asked Rovene if she is aware of anyone who might have had an Irish accent that had ties to the theatre.  Rovene was surprised and startled by my question. Rovene advised that during the 60's, the manager of the theatre was Kevin Prendergast who was from Ireland and had an Irish accent. She advised that Kevin was very honored to be the theaters manager and took great pride in the position. Rovene explained that after the theatre shut down, Kevin moved back to Ireland. Rovene stated that she did not know if Kevin was alive or deceased. Sally, our researcher, did some research and found that Kevin Prendergast had passed away in Irleand 3 years prior to our investigation. Our discovery of the man with the Irish accent became news in Columbus, Indiana. The local newspaper wrote three seperate articles about the discovery. Many people believe that Kevin Prendergast has returned to manage the Crump Theatre. "We are so glad to have him back and he is welcome to stay as long as he likes", remarked Rovene Quigley.  

 Poasttown Elemetery School:

It's always an extraordinary experience when a spirit has revealed theirselves to you. It's as if you were chosen. On several occasions I have had spirits, one way or another, connect with me. In Middletown, Ohio, we investigated the Poasttown Elementery School. During the investigation, I had decided to step outside to get a few pictures of the front of the school. I should have known better than to go off on my own. This is something I speak against. When investigating, you should always use the buddy system. Being that I was just taking some pictures outside, I didn't think it merited the buddy system....boy was I wrong! Using my Nikon SLR 10mp, I took a picture. Viewed it through the screen and decided to take another picture. As I raised my camera for the second shot.....within a blink of an eye, I seen a full white apparition rushing toward me. I have no idea where it came from.....but it was traveling fast and right at me. I dumb luck I pushed the shutter button. It came at me so fast I expected some sort of an impact. I half expected to be picking myself up off the ground. There was no impact though. After flinching, I looked around wondering, "What the hell just happened? What the hell did I see?" I then remembered that I pushed the shutter button at the same moment I flinched. I activated the menu button on the camera to see the last picture taken. To my surprise....there it was on the screen.....I caught the white figure on film! After taking a moment to see if the figure was still around, I walked back into the school to meet up with the rest of the team. By the look on my face, they knew immediatly....something had happened. I showed them the picture and told them of the experience. There was no fog present, I was not smoking nor was there anyone out there with me to be smoking, there was no car exhausted from a car short.....there was no explaination for this personal experience I caught on film. "It is....what it is!" 

The pictures below....the first is the picture of the school I took prior to the encounter. The second picture is of the white foggy figure. Notice....the most importain feature of this picture....the flash reaches the school building in the first the second picture the flash does not reach the school building because the flash is blocked by.......the white apparition. 

(picture taken by Chris McDaniel)     

 To the right is the image cropped and zoomed. There is a term used by paranormal investigators known as "matrixing". I am old school and use the term "pareidolia" which both have the same meaning. It is seeing something of no significance causing the brain to fire messages to perceive something familar.

With that said......could I just be the victum of pareidolia, or is there an oblong face of an angelic woman with long flowing hair in this image? There even appears to be facial features. Look above the roof of the school to see the head like features. Pareidolia? You be the judge.

                             Founder Chris McDaniel and Co-founder Vonda McDaniel 


                                                                                              Images by Paul Pfeiffer, Dark Pozadia, Wicked Mike and Scarypictureofghost,com     

                                                                                                                                             Photo's by Chris McDaniel

                                                                                                         Recordings of EVP's Copyrights to Chris McDaniel (Creepy Legends)

                                                                                                                                       Copyright 2009 Chris McDaniel

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