Doppelganger: (Doppel-gynger) German for "Double-Walker".

                   A Doppelganger is considered to be the paranormal double of a living person. 

The original concept of witnessing a doppelganger has often been judged as a bad omen. When one witnesses a doppelganger it has been defined to be a messenger of misfortune or even death. The doppelganger is an old phenomenon that gained it's German-lore status centuries ago.  

In most cases, the person being mimicked never encounters their paranormal double. The doppelganger commonly reveals itself to people who have frequent affiliation with the person it choses to Mimick.  

 My Own Doppelganger experience: Several years ago friends, family and even strangers began witnessing my own doppelganger. It finally ended when my own mother was able to see me standing across from her while at the same time seeing my paranormal double setting in my truck outside. I personally was never able to witness my doppelganger but many people did just moments before my arrival.

I did however come up with, what I believe to be, answers to this strange phenomenon:

A doppelganger is not an omen or as malicious as legend has portrayed it to be. It is a spiritual attachment. If one is being pursued by a doppelganger, chances are they have recently visited a haunted location...knowingly or unknowingly. 

This spirit is one with a special to manipulate it's appearance to mimick someone it has encountered. Though it may not be malicious nor it's intent is meant to be harmful, it is a trickster.  It is simply pulling a prank. The motive seems to be more harmless than malicious. The doppelganger is an advanced spirit that has obtained this special talent to change it's appearance. The spiritual attachment, in most chases, are short lived. People may ask, "Why would a spirit want to mimick someone?" A better question would be, "Why not?" Eternity is a long time to go without having a sense of humor. Would you not want to screw with the living by causing them to question their own sanity? 

If one is to be pursude by a doppelganger...don't look at it as an omen, instead be honored that a spirit chose you to mimick.   

 Vardoger is the Norwegian version of the doppelganger coming from the Scandinavian folklore.

Many haunted locations are claimed to harbor a spirit that obtains the talent to mimick the living. One of the most notorious locations is Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Many paranormal investigators have relayed their doppelganger encounters of Waverly Hills to me. In some cases the eyes were replaced by black hollowed empty space.  


Renowned paranormal researcher and author Rosemary Ellen Guiley mentions Creepy Legends founder, Chris McDaniel, on her webpage in reference to doppelganger encounters:  

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