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 You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension - a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into........the Twilight Zone.

 Other Dimensions:

To many people....it may sound absurd to entertain such an idea of the existence of other dimensions and dimensional beings. I, myself, for years have thought that this theory is way out in left field. It sounds more like a fantasy conjured up by paranormal dreamers. However, through out the many years of my research and investigations within the paranormal field, I have been finding myself reevaluating the possibility.

Though it may not seem likely, due to many of my personal experiences, I am a very level headed/ grounded person. I approach the paranormal field with an open-mind but feel the limitations on what to consider as being theories and what to consider being fantasy's. I often find myself looking at past personal experiences or encounters trying to find a more logical explaination. Believe me....somethings can lead a person to even question their own sanity when it comes to exploring the paranormal field. (that is a fact) Just when you feel like you have exhausted all possibities and the time has come to terms, "It is...what it is", you start all over again, searching for a more logical explaination. (a very vicious circle)


Is it such a crazy concept to theorize the possibility that there are other dimensions...worlds, time and space? If your a religious person, then what is "Heaven" to you? Think about that.

Imagine...doorways, worm holes, that we can not see or comprehend. These unseen pathways that lead to another time and place. We haven't the key nor the capability to open the door from our side.....or at least not until we have shed the solid mass we have come to known as flesh and blood. On the otherside of that door, there is another place, a place we have never known. Certain inhabitants of that place may have the ability to travel through these worm holes and visit our world. I know....it all sounds preposterous. I agree. But what if......., this could define many unexplained paranormal events that thousands of people have witnessed or made claims too.   




When you consider the possibilty of dimensional beings finding their way into our reality, the list of visitors could be endless. It could possibly envolve every paranormal claim to every encounter ever reported.

Not that I'm supporting this theory....just observing the possibility with an open-minded point of view. 

When considering this theory, it could include ghost, angels, demons, aliens, U.F.O's, time travelers, trolls or "Pukwudgies", elementals, cryptid creatures and so on.

What about these doorways and paths that can lead to other dimensions? Just like most topics within the paranormal field, there are no direct answers. However....there may be some very strong leads on where to begin the search. There are several locations with claims of an assortment of paranormal activity: Bridgewater Triangle, Skin Walker Ranch, The Moors of England and The Bermuda Triangle.

There are even claims of certain haunted locations that are reported to have more than just hauntings of ghost within. Leaps Castle of Ireland is said to have it's elementals. Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky is said to have shadow people, an entity known as the "Crawler or Creeper" that is said to not only crawl on the floor but also crawl on the walls and ceilings and troll like creatures. Some beleive these troll like creatures to be the same entity as the ones refered to as the "Pukwudgies" by the Wampanoag tribe.  

The photograph to the right is a picture taken outside of Waverly Hills. This picture was taken by paranormal investigator Deb Lantz. Later, Deb noticed an image in the picture she had taken.  In the top left window, there appears to be a figure peering out.  






 Over decades and now into centuries people have claimed to see beast like creatures of many shapes and sizes, some huminoid. Many are known as legendary creatures such as "Bigfoot" or "Werewolves" (Dogmen).

I know that many Cryptozoologist and enthusiast alike refuse to entertain the idea that cryptid creatures are  more than just being undiscovered creatures of flesh and blood. I, personally, am on the fence about it. I haven't always been that way. I once was caught in the strong belief that these creatures inhabit our world undiscovered or unrecoginzed by the world of science and zoology. I'm not so sure now. Could this explain why we have not obtained the solid proof that everyone wants? A body of the creature to be examined.

I have even been told numerious times by individuals within the Cryptid field, "Do not bring paranormal into the field of Cryptozoology." My reply to them...."I'm sorry if you feel you have all the answers but I, myself, am not convinced for I am still seeking for the answers." (a slam with a smile)  

                              Picture above by Deb Lantz



Deb zoomed in on the image to get a better view. There appears to be a small green humanoid figure peering out to Deb. 

Deb sent the picture to a friend, Tony Romeo, to debunk the image. Tony analyzed the image in many different formates in a photographic program. Tony could not debunk the image.

I too, being knowledgable within the field of photography and photo-creations (for over 8 years I was employed in doing so) took the picture and analyzed it through a photoshop program. I could not find any hints or signs of tampering within this picture. Believe me...I have years of experience in doing so. The only conclusion I was left with...there must have been a small green figure peering out of that window.

To the right is Deb Lantz's picture cropped and zoomed.        

                                      Picture above by Deb Lantz 

 What could this possibly be a picture of? What are the odds of being able to photograph such an image? To my surprise....there is another paranormal investigator that had caught a simular image within his photograph.

Matthew Jackson, paranormal investigator was investigating a location in Greenfield, Indiana known as "Black Moon Manor". Matthew took a picture from the stairways facing the entrance doorway. Later Matthew realized there was something within the picture he could not explain. Though the image details are somewhat different from Deb's picture....there are some simularities.   

In Matthew's picture, to the right and near the doorway of a room, there seems to be an image that looks simular to the "Joker" in the "Batman and Robbin" series. Pale face, long pointy nose, big evilish grin, mask around it's eyes and wild looking hair.

Below is the same imaged cropped and zoomed.   

                                     Picture above by Matthew Jackson


Once again....I have analyzed the picture, I could not find any hints or signs of tampering with this photograph. In every possible way to analyze, there seems to be a humanoid type figure in this photograph.

In both cases, Deb's picture and in Matthew's picture, there is something there. What...I'm not sure. Is it a ghostly apparition or is it a dimensional being? The only way to answer that question would first envolve determining if dimensional beings really do exist.  

Sadly....I don't have the answer.

 Picture above by Matthew Jackson : http://soupparanormal.blogspot.com/

As researchers and investigators.... I and my team, Creepy Legends Paranormal Research, have demonstarted......maybe the question shouldn't be:
"Does dimensional beings really exist?" 

maybe the question should be:

 "Do you have the courage to find out?"   


                                   Founder Chris McDaniel and Co-founder Vonda McDaniel 


                                                                                           Pictures provided by Deb Lantz and Matthew Jackson

                                                 Images by Paul Maudie, gamewalls.com, Loren Coleman (Cryptomundo), weasel666, garvanwane, Twilight Zone, Doug SQ, Garduno

                                                                                                                              Music: Twilight Zone Theme (TV Theme Players) 

                                                                                                                                             Copyrights 2009 Chris McDaniel

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