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The Black Eyed Children Phenomenon:

Recently, within the last decade, people have come forward with reports of such a bizarre encounter that it would seem effortless to write it off as an Urban Legend. The problem with this assumption is that Urban Legends are stories circulated lacking the ability to trace it to an actual eye witness to testify to the report. In the phenomenon of Black Eyed Children, there are numerous eye witness willing to come forward to detail the events of their dark encounters.


Reports usually begin with the eyewitness, an adult, settled with in the safety of personal enclosure such as a car or their home. Child is wearing a hooded sweatshirt with hood pulled over their head. The Child insists on a ride or coming into your house wanting to use the phone or get a drink of water. In most reports, there are two children; however I have heard of reports with only one child. When there are two children, one appears to be the spokesman as the other remains quite. They have coal black eyes, no white, not even a hint of iris or pupil. They will make the statement, “We can’t come in unless you tell us it’s okay. Let us in!”


There are many similarities when comparing The Black Eyed Children to the legends of vampires. However there also seems to be theories that the children may be demonic in nature or possible connected to the grey aliens.

Their motive is unknown though it seems that they prey upon the kindness of adults. In one eyewitness account the victim allowed the children into his house and was violently attacked. During the vicious attack, the children stated “we are here to collect you”. Whether the children’s intent was to abduct the victim physically or to collect his soul is unknown.

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Written by Vonda McDaniel

The key to understanding a phenomenon such as Black Eyed Children, relies on the reports of the eyewitness'.  

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Picture by EAL 

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