Indiana Bigfoot, Indiana Werewolves and Indiana Cryptid Creatures 

The Crosley Monster / Werewolf:

We had heard numerious claims of a "Bigfoot" like creature in a location called "Crosley's Fish and Wildlife Area" outside of North Vernon, Indiana. We didn't take too much of an interest in the claims until we were approached by a law enforcement officer advising that he had personally seen the creature and was chased out of the area by the creature. We arranged a monster hunt. During our day hunt we had located a few tree saplings snapped in half. The saplings were snapped approx. 5 feet up. We had also found a strange 4 toed print displaying claw marks. This print is approx. 8 inches long. We made a casting of the print. While removing the casting from the ground, the center of the casting began to crumble. Several Cryptozoologist have looked at this print. Each has made the same observations. They do not believe this is the print of the Bigfoot creature.  Instead...they believe this could be the print of what has been labled "Wisconsin Werewolves" or "Michigan Dogmen". (In this case, "Indiana Werewolf" or "Indiana Dogmen".) It has been noted that this is a cryptid that one would not want to encounter. There are claims of this creature being aggressive and may have been accountable for grisly deaths.

During our night investigation, my wife, Vonda, had found an interesting print. This print was found in sand along the side of a stream. This print was more of the description of the Bigfoot print. It was a bare-foot print that displayed 5 toes. The print was 14 inches long. When we messured from the grassy knoll to the print and on toward the heel of the next showed that this would have been a 6 foot stride from one step to the other. It was also noticed that there was a deer track just inches away from the print. It was therorized by Linda Godfrey, author and the "Go To Person" on werewolves and Dogmen, that Bigfoot and werewolves (Dogmen) coexist in locations and will compete for food source. (very interesting)

During our nightly investigation, a rock was thrown at us. Within the dark, we could not see what threw the rock.

(Picture below of the 14 inch print with 6 foot stride)

(Picture below of the 4 toed/ clawed print casting. Some Cryptozoologist believe it to be the print of what is refered to as the "Dogmen" or "Werewolf")


I have been on numerious Bigfoot hunts. I have also interviewed numerious eyewitness' to the Bigfoot creature. I have joined Cryptozoologist Ron Coffey and a group on a Bigfoot Hunt in the Daniel Boone National Forest outside of Moorehead, Kentucky. During the hunt we heard a few distant tree knocks, some unexplained whistles and an unexplained scream in the distance. Very interesting location.

(Picture below of me and Cryptozoologist Ron Coffey)

 Florida Skunk Ape:

I investigated sightings of the Florida Skunk Ape in the Everglades. Though I did not find any evidence of the Florida Skunk Ape, it was a fasinating experience. I encountered numerious alligators, several rattlesnakes and was attacked by swarms of blood thirsty mosquitos. Met up with David Shealy, Florida's Skunk Ape Hunter, in the Big Cypress National Preserve. 

(Picture below of David Shealy, Florida Skunk Ape Hunter)

                                   Founder Chris McDaniel and Co-founder Vonda McDaniel 

                      Photo's by Chris McDaniel                                   

 Images by, Steve Cook, Linda Godfrey, Matt Ellis, Lost Tapes 219

                    Copyright 2009 Chris McDaniel


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