About me: My name is Chris McDaniel. I have a degree in conservation and wildlife management. I am a full time Animal Control Officer in Indiana. I have been doing the research and investigations for over a decade. My research is more than the average ghost hunting interest. With the ghost hunting hype caused by reality T.V. many people have shown interest and have dabbled into performing their own investigations or starting their own paranormal groups. I, however, began this journey of research long before the popularity of the ghost hunting reality shows. For years I avoided hauntings or any type of ghostly events due to a bad experience I had as a teen. My first ghostly encounter was with one that was a very troubled spirit that had proven herself to be somewhat malicious. Due to the nature, I was even torn on the possibility that it maybe of demonic state. This encounter did not extinguish my interest within the paranormal but did give me a bad taste for hauntings. From that point I mainly researched cryptids. After becoming educated within hauntings I gained my courage to approach hauntings once again. I have encountered many spirits and always find myself intrigued by the phenomenon. Though I do investigate hauntings with a more educated view, I will never forget the terror that the one spirit induced upon me. 

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              Beyond my research I have been honored to be included and featured in a book "Dark Lore 5" by Neil Arnold (The well known Monster Hunter of England) in the chapter titled "Mill Race Monster".

I have been honored to be mentioned by the world known Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman. Mr. Coleman was kind enough to light-heartedly refer to me as a professional Cryptozoologist due to the fact that I have been paid by the city to investigate a few cryptid sightings within my home town.

I have been a guest on the radio show of Heidi Hollis (Outlander) on the CBS "New Sky Radio" network.

Our Team, Creepy Legends Paranormal Research, has also been the special guest of the radio show "Abnormal Paranormal" on the Dead-Air Radio with Mike Boler and Becca Shugart, including many other radio interviews.

I have been interviewed and featured as a guest on "Mysterious World TV". http://mysteriousworldtv.com/home

I have been featured on the T.V. show Monsters and Mysteries of America owned by Destination America and the Discovery Channel. I was filmed for season 2 featuring a case referred to as "The Green Claw". http://www.destinationamerica.com/tv-shows/monsters-and-mysteries-in-america and season 3.

Featured on the Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel

I have met and interviewed numerous people of various paranormal events. My favorite cryptid that I did investigate in the Late 90's was the Mothman sightings in the very hospitable town of Point Pleasant, WV.  My favorite haunt that I have investigated was the lighthouse of St. Augustine, Fl. My hometown has it's own cryptid from the early 70's known as the "Mill Race Monster" (described as a hairy bipedal creature with a pale green face).

I have published a book of my own paranormal experiences titled, "Falling Down the Rabbit's Hole". I am in the process of gathering research for a second.

I would also like to add to this page that the Creepy Legends team consist of my wife, Vonda (Co-founder/lead investigator), myself ( Founder/lead investigator) including Sally Petri, Jane Nichols and Richard Nichols. 


Sally Petri passed away November 2014. After a long battle of fighting leukemia, she passed away from a side effect of the leukemia treatment known as "Graft vs Host" disease. For the record— Sally beat the leukemia. 

Sally was phenomenal at researching the history and family genealogy tied into haunted locations. It was absolutely amazing the information she was able to obtain  through her research. 

Sally' had a strong interest within the research of Bigfoot sightings. She was well known within the field of Cryptozoology. 

Though we will miss her deeply and we feel her absence within our hearts, she will always be a part of our Creepy Legends Family.

RIP Sally Petri  


 To view a video tribute for Sally Petri : 


  My wife and I make a good investigation team. While I research with an open mind and recognize the paranormal events within, my wife is reluctant and argues with reason searching for the logical. This makes for a well balance investigation.   

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         Founder Chris McDaniel and Co-founder Vonda McDaniel 

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