Investigations of Legends, Hauntings, Cryptids and the Strange and Bizarre

Welcome, my name is Chris McDaniel. I am the founder of Creepy Legends Paranormal Research. I would like to invite you to email me a strange or bizarre event that you had experienced. It could be a haunting, an encounter with a cryptid such as Bigfoot, UFO sighting or just anything that you may have thought to be bizarre.  (Why?)  I research and investigate paranormal events. I have been investigating since 1999.  Many years ago, I myself had experienced paranormal events that I could not explain. I began analyzing and found myself searching for answers. It did not take me long to discover that this "Paranormal" thing is more than just campfire stories. A large majority of these stories are true events involving true people. The people that experienced these events usually end up with numerious questions and rarely recieve any answers.  I research the events and hopefully provide some answers. Along the way I began writing about some of the research including some of the events I have personally experienced.  I have published a book title "Falling Down The Rabbit's Hole".  With your stories that you email me I will review and reply. Thank you for your interest in Creepy Legends Paranormal Research.  

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Founder Chris McDaniel and Co-founder Vonda McDaniel

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